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What is Minority Enterprise?

The Magnolia Minority Enterprise (MBA ME) is a program run by the Magnolia Business Alliance supporting Minority owned and operated businesses.


MBA ME consists entirely of business leaders providing mentorship, training, logistics, and other support as needed to facilitate the development of new companies, a favorable business environment for existing companies, and foster community and national awareness of issues affecting Minority businesses.




  • To develop, coordinate, or host business seminars and training providing a platform for knowledgeable speakers to share information vital to the success of minority small business


  • To facilitate the improvement of local business environment to improve the vitality of minority business


  • To identify, and disseminate information on government programs, federal, state, and local that exists to enhance the competitiveness of minority business.


  • To educate elected officials in the development of economic practices and incentives that facilitates competitiveness and growth of the minority business community.


  • To educate elected officials, federal, state, and local officials of legislation, rules, covenants, and other administrative impacts on the ability of minority business to remain viable and competitive.

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