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Aerotec, LLC

Aerotec, LLC is a value-added services company that uses high-end survey and analysis technologies to provide engineering products to its clients. Aerotec’s primary technologies include Light Detection and Ranging (lidar/laser-scan), digital photogrammetry, proprietary and commercial-off-the-shelf software, and specialized engineering analysis. Aerotec’s lidar and digital imagery products are Global Positioning System (GPS) referenced with centimeter-level accuracy well within most engineering and mapping specifications. Using its advanced proprietary filtering and analysis software, Aerotec manipulates its data to prepare three-dimensional visualizations and reports that allow its customers to get beyond the “pre-engineering” stage of a project and move directly to primary engineering tasks faster.Scott DowDirector of Operations and Program Management100 Street A., Suite CPicayune, MS 39466Telephone: 601.749.3749Email: wsdow@aerotecusa.comWebsite:

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