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DigitalGlobe Mississippi Operations Inc.

DigitalGlobe Mississippi Operations Inc. is one of the primary bases of operations for DigitalGlobe’s Civil Government Programs sales, business development and R&D activity. DigitalGlobe Incorporated is an imagery and information company headquartered in Longmont, Colorado. The company offers the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery, the largest image size and the greatest on-board storage capacity of any commercial satellite imagery provider.Brett P. Thomassie, Director, Civil Government Programs – DigitalGlobePresident – DigitalGlobe Louisiana/MississippiOperations Building 1103, Suite 202BStennis Space Center, MS 39529Telephone: 228.688.1607Fax: 228.688.6270Cell: 303.588.4129Email: bthomassie@digitalglobe.comWebsite:

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